About us

Writing ‘About Us’ was surprisingly challenging. There’s so much to tell and we could talk for hours about Carnival and how, what now is our street food truck, came to fruition. In short, we wanted to bring the taste of Brazil to the UK. There’s no denying the Brazilian ‘churrascarias’ or ‘rodizio’ restaurants popping up around the UK are delicious, however we felt the UK are still missing out on the traditional street food vibe of Brazil.

Born in Brazil and having moved to the UK in my early years, the essence of Brazil still very much remains within, and it helps having a big family over there. Whether it’s a party, barbecue, special occasion or just a family gather-round on a weekend, you can guarantee to be welcomed by a diverse spread of home cooked food bursting with colour and flavour. It’s a massive part of Brazilian culture to be a good host, so Brazilians take great pride in this. And of course, there’s always plenty of Brahma and Caipirinhas flowing.

That is the experience we want you to have to have when you come and see us, wherever we are.

Marcel x

Upcoming Events

Our summer has been packed full of fun events, there’s still so many amazing events on through the summer. Come see us at the Foodies Fest, Wireless and more! 

Wireless Festival 2021


Foodies Festival 2021

17TH – 19TH September – BOURNEMOUTH

1ST – 3RD October – CHELMSFORD


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